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Makiwa Mutomba

Makiwa Mutomba (MUFARE - HAPPY MAN) is a self taught artist and loved to draw from an early age. Inspired by nature, he uses photographs as references and paints in a dimly lit studio. He gave up his studies in Electrical Engineering and moved to the Victoria Falls to sell his mini paintings for a living. Here he developed his love for the palette knife as a painting tool. He lives in Pretoria with his wife and two daughters. He paints in oils using knives, no brushes.He applies thick paint to the canvas, these fresh strokes are then allowed to dry with minimal interference. Makiwa is a recent winner of the SNBA, an annual juried exhibition of international artists, in Paris, France. He is one of SA's top selling artists and is very talented. He exaggerates forms in a playful manner of bold strokes and cheerful colour, resulting in beautiful happy paintings.

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