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Alexis Bester

Alexis Francois Bester was born on 20 December 1962 in Namibia, currently living in the Boland.
As a child Alexis had a very vivid imagination and various imaginary friends, this it seems, allowed him to escape from life's realities and enter into the more pleasant world of the unreal. Alexis had a great fascination with and love for the entertainment world especially the circus and shows on ice.
During school he never had any formal art training and never thought of himself as an artist. This all changed when he injured his back in 1981. He lay in traction for six months during which he started to draw and sketch to keep himself occupied. Alexis started working as a fulltime artist in 1997.
His medium is mainly oil paint on either board or canvas. His paintings are a succulent feast of masterfully blended colour. These colours reflect vitality and energy that generate a spiritual and uplifting mood in the viewer. Aleixis practices interpretive realism, he paints in a simplified way that reintroduces the viewer to a child like vision of the mystery and wonder in every day things and events. His work gives the feeling of wholeness as he uses Convex lines (Bulky lines) , rather than concave. Alexis is also passionate about his electric guitar. In 1988 he formed a gospel rock band,called Mannah. Alexis still composes and produces his own Afrikaans rock songs. His art has been influenced by the following artists: Henri Rousseau (French Artist), Vincent van Gough, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Porchie as well as Pieter van der Westhuisen.

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